Kittens available

We have kittens born on the 13th of July 2019.

Parents are

SE* Believe InMagic Jaque Brel LPL c 21 32 & S* Blå Katten Polly LPL h 21 31

Arne Autereinen,
boy LPL c 21 31


Arne is a big boy with gentle and loving heart. Purrs a lot and comes to sleep on your lap.

Antoni Auringonkehrä,
boy LPL e 21 31


Antoni is independent and likes to share his thoughts by talking. He’s also a wild soul and likes to play a lot!

Amale Aallokko,
girl LPL c 32 *STAYING*


Amale is a calm and sensible girls, who often stays aside to watch others play. Enjoys human company and comes to your lap for some quality time.

Aldo Arotundra,


Aldo is a brave and playful boy with lots of love to give! Purrs a lot and comes to say hello!

Achillina Aurinkoinen,


Achillina is the Little Miss Mischievous. She was born as the tiniest of the litter and almost bald, and I spent weeks waking up to hold her up to the mother so she could have milk without being pushed away by her much bigger siblings. She has grown nicely and developed pretty curls.


FI*Aamuruskon kittens are registered in Suomen Kissaliitto, which is the Finnish member of FIFe.

We live in Kerava, southern Finland, about 30 km from Helsinki center / harbor  and less than 20 km form Helsinki Airport.

Parents are DNA tested negative for all known hereditary illnesses. They are also tested negative for FeLV and FIV.

When kittens are available for new homes, they

  • are over 14 weeks old and weight at least 1 kg
  • are microchipped
  • have registered pedigrees
  • have standard vaccines (vaccined twice & documented), extra vaccines may be needed for export
  • are checked by the vet and have documents to prove that
  • leave with care instructions and kitten package of food and toys
  • are well socialized within family settings
  • neutered / altered when leaving for a pet home

Our kittens are beloved family members and not sold to gain money but to cover the costs to be able to continue breeding. Breeding cats is not a lucrative hobby in any way in my country. I want to preserve this rare breed and take good consideration about expanding the gene pool rather than narrowing it or watering it down. My goal is to breed healthy and well tempered kittens that fulfill the breed standard. Our kittens have a healthy pedigree with 0% inbreeding in 4 generations.

Our home is a home also for our cats and they are allowed to sleep on table tops, on beds and everywhere else where they can find the space for themselves. They are well mannered however. I do not believe in punishment as a method of raising or teaching kittens. They are raised with love and care. LaPerm is a gentle breed and these cats love their humans from the bottom of their hearts. They are also very trusting and believe that humans only have genuinely good intentions towards them and that we will care for them and protect them. You don’t want to fail doing so!

Inquiries may be made on FI*Aamuruskon Facebook Page or by this contact form
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